We have designed interiors for over 100 physician practices and dental practices since 1974, 80 of which we completed in the last 10 years. These have been for a variety of healthcare systems and include emergency and hospital care. We traditionally have two staff members dedicated almost entirely to healthcare, assisting providers such as Healthcare Realty Trust, Memorial Hospital and University of Colorado Health.



Due to trends like health reform, aging pollution and the growth of technology, regular facility investments have become necessary in order to lower operating costs from the overall healthcare system. As one of the smaller firms in the pool of healthcare architects, our strategy is to advise and complete small-scale facility additions or renovations that narrow operating margins, improve patient satisfaction and require a minimal investment.




Efficiency Evaluation

Get breakthrough operational efficiency from our custom solutions for duplications and inefficiencies of assets in service departments and staff and equipment locations.

Customer-Focused Renovation

Improve your patient journey and experience by reorganizing and renovating existing floors, rooms, and surgical suites. Create customer-oriented processes that improve the patient experience without investing large amounts of capital.

Catering to Current Trends

Implement improvements that capitalize on current trends such as the aging population soon to seek health services and the future business opportunities for Colorado wellness and medical tourism. 




We have successfully executed 33 various multi-family, single family, condominium, apartment, hotel, and senior living facilities nationwide. Our extensive experience working with fast-track design and build project schedules sets our service apart. With licenses in 33 states, we custom tailor our multi-unit approach to the realities of each geographic location.



Since the multi-family asset class depends on the two main factors of consumer conversion and space utilization, our multi-family design strategy maximizes property resources to increase your cash flow and implements amenities that give consumers reasons to rent your space. Our strategy focuses on the four factors that influence cash flow: location, condition, rental price, and demographics.  




1) Location

For properties in prime rental locations, we focus on marketable attributes that prove to renters that the property meets their desired standard of living more than surrounding complexes. Improving exteriors and incorporating visible amenities like decks, pools, and outdoor BBQ stations often increases the appeal of a property in a prime location and walk-in traffic.

2) Condition

The condition of a property is an easy way to capitalize on a distressed property that’s being converted. We identify costly conditions and our value engineering significantly lowers overall cost. Each line-item upgrade changes the property positioning and improves the overall success of the project.

3) Rental Price

Multi-family development is largely based on construction cost and unit size. Redesigning and value engineering in each phase of design saves owners thousands of dollars and increases long-term profitability. Improving the overall development means utilizing every inch of space, whether it’s connecting kitchens or incorporating computer workstations in the living area. 

4) Demographics and Psychographics

The key to developing a competitive apartment complex is tapping into who will be renting and why they want to rent. Intergroup’s process identifies the investments that capitalize on tenant reasons for renting and that fit into their budget. Designing with these in mind can lower tenant turnover costs and provide a faster-to-market increase for rental rates.



Our trained expert team can determine the square footage capability of a retail property in a matter of minutes. We have designed over one million square feet of Denver retail space working alongside developers such as Landon Enterprises and The Paul’s Corporation. We are most well-known for designing the retro-deco Colfax Central, Arvada Grandview Plaza and Centennial Promenade.

Our lasting communities have received the Governor’s Award for Downtown Excellence and Hard Hat Awards. We design regional retail shopping centers, core and shell retail spaces, build-to-suit anchored shopping centers, and also renovate evolving retail centers. 


Our strategy is to develop significant retail visual identities that are immediately recognizable and attractive to the consumer. We maximize the square footage of each property, adhere to municipality requirements, and quickly deliver core and shell retail, turning the space over to tenants more rapidly.



1) Developer Retail

Our responsibility to core and shell retail is to focus on cost, speed, and space utilization. We integrate the developer’s overall plan into a quick-turn development and identify architectural elements that neither underutilize nor over utilize your budget. Our concepts create spaces that draw consumers into memorable shopping experiences and give them a reason to linger at restaurants and shops.


2) Branded Retail Design

We design brand buildings to be immediately recognizable so your target demographic would know your store even without signage. Facades and prototypes are designed with duplication in mind integrating materials and cost factors that are easily replicated across various municipalities.


3) Retail Renovation and Retrofitting

We improve retail property in order to attract new and better tenants. Each line-item expense is strategically selected with property repositioning in mind. We provide limited façade upgrades all the way to tear-down and mixed-use developments.  





We complete more than 150 tenant finishes every year and have built over 50 suburban office projects from the ground up. These have ranged from 5,000 square foot multi-office developments to 200,000 square foot multi-building, multi-tenant facilities. We have master-planned over 30 acre sites and completed headquarters projects for industry leaders such AlloSource, Northrop Grumman, the Denver Broncos and Suncor Energy. We design “Class A” corporate facilities and multi-tenant buildings while our LEED-accredited professionals create green and sustainable spaces.



Our strategy is to blend the creative and practical into a well-balanced design that looks good, is functional, and supports your business model. We design for the future and assist organizations with managing their short-term and long-term property goals.

As a result, our designs benefit developers by: building to the maximum density of the project, offering smarter spec space, providing tenant focused amenities, and incorporating sustainability measures.

Our design process improves productivity through zone-based design and capitalizes on your future goals to make sure your building becomes less of a bottom-line expense and more of a revenue-generating corporate asset.


1) Cost-Effective

Exteriors are designed to manage costs. Our designs assess influencing factors such as structure size, number of buildings, shape and layout of buildings, number of floors, and complexity of building details.

2) Employee-Friendly

Space plans assess typical employee interactions and create zones that support the four main employee needs: focus space, collaboration space, socialization/waiting space, and learning space.

 3) Brand-Centric

Interiors focus on strategic upgrades that support your business and brand strategy, often including amenities that attract employees: such as fitness centers, cafeterias and conference areas. We include your brand details and present the building as a unique and desirable workplace environment. 




We are Denver’s premier designer for industrial, distribution, manufacturing, and warehouses. We have designed spaces from 30,000 SF to 550,000 square feet and have more tilt-up experience than any other firm in our region. We have completed over 150 industrial facilities with speed to market and designed 50% of the industrial space along the I-70 corridor.

Individuals in our firm who have mastered this building form and even sat on architectural control committees to ensure other developments meet or exceed our standard of design. Our technical competence and experience is unmatched when it comes to R&D, lab, and racking.  At any given time, we are planning for and managing 7-10 industrial projects for developers and corporate owners.

We have been responsible for Centerpark, Interpark 70, Roth Distributing, Johnson Storage and Moving, Miller Brands, Gordon Composites, Ready Foods and Concord Business Park to name a few. 


To the casual observer, industrial buildings are perceived as “giant boxes.” But sophisticated investors know there are significant differences between the industrial developments that are successful and the ones that are not. Our strategy is to improve your profitability by focusing on increased efficiency, building flexibility and long-term goal planning. These ensure the longevity of your investment and come in the form of a streamlined delivery that gives you the speed to market your industry demands.  



Speed to Market

We design for fast-track schedules to avoid delays that may affect your business strategy. Our design gives you control you can count on.

Customized Solutions

Our strategy starts with building out a map of current processes and identifying specific facility needs for your goals. If a distribution client needed to meet high-volume orders, we would explore larger building depth or wider column spacing. If a manufacturer’s biggest obstacle to manufacturing a new product line was physical labor, we would provide facility solutions that would lower labor costs and improve worker efficiency. 

Longevity and Performance

We work with you to discern which aspects of your building should be flexible in order to accommodate different future tenants, lowering any future costs.


Being an architect is a tough and rewarding profession and requires a firm that will support you your whole life.  Our firm’s culture was designed the day the Intergroup founders developed our logo in 1974. Three men came together and drew three arrows all pointing in the same direction toward a circle. They created this symbol as a reminder to build a firm founded on Aristotle’s legendary philosophy that “the whole must be greater than the sum of its parts.”

Our culture revolves around family. We treat each other like we belong and we see your family life as essential to your work life. Besides the tangible benefits of working for Intergroup below, as part of this firm you will also enjoy a healthy work life balance, mentorship, collaboration to help your projects succeed, and the opportunity for advancement.


Benefits Package

  • Matching 401k
  • Fully-paid healthcare benefits for you and your family
  • An additional 2.5% of your annual salary is available for medical expenses
  • Option for price-reduced dental plan
  • Three weeks paid time off after the first year
  • After that, paid time off is based around your years with the firm or the amount of billing projects procured
  • Recreation Reimbursement


If you’re a vendor, please email instead of calling. If you’re bidding on one of our projects, please follow the following guidelines for a bidding list.

1)  Email the architect in charge of the project for any questions or for more info
2) If you’d like to do a presentation, contact Colin West at