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Title of Project


Healthcare Realty Trust develops medical office and outpatient facilities for long-term portfolio performance. Healthcare Realty Trust Inc is one of the largest owners and managers of healthcare related real estate in the country with investments of more than $3.2 billion comprised of 202 medical real estate properties.


Developed by Prime West Real Estate and owned by Healthcare Realty Trust the Briargate Medical Pavilion is a Class A medical office development made up of two buildings which each have three floors. Located directly across from Memorial North Hospital in Colorado Springs the buildings have on-site management services and a physician’s lounge. The buildings were designed for each office to receive the best of Front Range views. Furthermore, the development is located near convenient retail services such as King Soopers, Starbucks, Banks and more. The buildings were designed initially as core and shell and plans were made for each tenant to be able to choose finishes from several pre-determined selections. There are no medical use restrictions for leases and leased spaces are for surgery, diagnostics, imaging, medical retail, and custom tailored medical suites. Currently, the medial campus houses branches of Children’s Hospital of Denver, Kaiser Permanente as well as a range of practices such as: Orthopedic, Imaging, OB/GYN, Physical Therapy, Neurology, Optical, and Pharmacy.


175,000 SF


4105 & 4125 Briargate Parkway, Colorado Springs Colorado 80920


DSP Builders, Inc




Ned White, Principal-in-Charge
Tony Casey, Project Manager
Kent Sanford, Designer & Project Architect
Collin West, Project Coordination & Draftsperson
Veronica Dutczak, Interior Designer