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Years of Experience 47
Years with Intergroup 44

PHONE: 303.738.8877

Role & Responsibilities with the firm

As one of the original founders, Ned White is a highly-experienced, dependable leader who has managed project teams to deliver 10,000 client centered spaces since 1974. He now serves in an advisory role to our team. Ned wants his clients to be confident about their projects and satisfied with the convenience of the process. Ned is selectively involved in conceptualizing designs, interpreting clients’ needs, and assisting in major program decisions. His proven track record is evidenced through project successes resulting in Intergroup’s recognition as one of Colorado’s top firms.


Texas Tech University Bachelor of Architecture 1971


American Institute of Architects
AIA Denver, Past President
AIA Colorado, Past President
Pinehurst Country Club, Past President
Hudson Gardens, Board of Directors
Arapahoe Community College Foundation


Licensed in Colorado, Florida, and Michigan

Top Projects




  • Innovage Broadway
  • Innovage Loveland
  • InnovAge Thornton
  • InnovAge Pueblo
  • Medical Pavilion at Briargate
  • Cornerstone Medical Office Building
  • Littleton Adventist Clinic
  • Dr. Oldroyd
  • Denver Health and Hospital Authority:  
    • Evacuation Plans  
    •  Infusion Pharmacy Lab            
    •  La Casa Clinic and Pharmacy
    • Managed Care            
    • Medical Office, Nursing Administration and Volunteers        
    • Place Bridge Modular Clinic        
    • Surgery Clinic Renovation      
    • Toxicology Lab Remodel        
    •  Transportation Department   
    •  Admissions and Registration        
    • Davis Building Surgery Clinic Remodel            
    •  Health Center Pharmacy      
    •  Infectious Disease Outpatient Clinic
    • STD Outpatient Clinic      
    • TB Outpatient Clinic 




  • Goddard School Meridian
  • Children's World (Evergreen, CO, Gilbert, AZ, Tucson, AZ, Chandler, AZ, Scottsdale, AZ, Parker, CO, Douglas County, CO, & Thornton, CO)
  • Grant Ranch Day School

Getting to Know Ned...

How do you want your clients to feel when they work with you?

Satisfied, excited, and that it was a great experience!

What need do you think Intergroup fills?

We deliver on our commitments and we provide successful, well-designed, functional solutions at a level of customer service that no one else is willing to offer.

What brands do you admire, and how do they relate to your company?

Apple, they provide simple designs and solutions, we’d like to do the same for our clients. Nordstrom, they have a great focus on customer service; we like to make sure our clients are satisfied. Target, they have a great blend of design sense and value, we think we provide that with architecture.

What do you like most about your career?

That’s easy - it’s all the great people I’ve met and worked with, from clients to colleagues, to contractors and consultants.  The wonderful relationships have made it really special!

Who is your favorite architect?

Frank Lloyd Wright.  When you put his designs in the context of the work being done at that time, it was extraordinary, and his work really got me interested in architecture.



Ned focuses on building trusting relationships with his clients, colleagues, and staff. His integrity is manifested in his projects through his honest feedback and trustworthy advice.


Ned recognizes project teams have to work together to meet objectives. He is respectful of his team and collaborates to find the best solution for his clients.


Ned is responsible with the gravity of his decisions. He is quick but not hasty, committed but not rigid, analytical but not paralyzed, and most of all, thoughtful.