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Littleton Police Department

Client Profile

The Littleton Police Department operates patrol, investigations, and support services from their Littleton headquarters preventing crime and catching criminals. The patrol division is responsible for responding to calls for service regarding traffic collisions and enforcement, animal calls, welfare calls, and other community related needs. The investigations and support division is comprised of detectives who follow up on major crimes.

Project Description

The City of Littleton and Intergroup Architects worked closely with staff and city council for several years evaluating over ten different site options for solving the Police Department’s space and needs deficiencies. After preparing a comparative analysis of pros and cons for each site location’s costs and options, Intergroup developed an innovative solution that incorporated an addition to an historically significant existing city center. In order to meet energy efficiency goals for the project, Intergroup designed a highly insulated building envelope and a reflective roof membrane to minimize heat gain. Although this site had unique site constraints such as existing 911 fiber optic lines and an adjacent flood plain, the end result ended up adding new evidence storage, crime labs, vehicle examination bays, and detective offices allowing the police department to remain adjacent to other critical city departments. Since the remodel, the Littleton Police have been able to better equip team members for crime response.

Square Feet: 14,400 SF


2255 West Berry Ave
Littleton, CO 80165


Suanders Construction, Inc.

Completion: 2011

Project Team:

Chris Sibilia, Lead Principal-in-Charge
Ned White, Assisting Principal-in-Charge
Kent Sanford, Designer & Project Architect
Collin West, Project Manager & Draftsperson
Veronica Dutczak, Interior Designer