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Industrial Experience

We are Denver’s premier designers for industrial, distribution, manufacturing, and high-tech; designing spaces from 30,000 SF to over 750,000 SF. We have more tilt-up experience than any other firm in our region and have completed over 200 industrial facilities. We have designed over 70 buildings along the I-70 corridor. The firm has mastered this building form and even developed design firsts that are now industry standards.  

Our technical competence and experience is unmatched when it comes to manufacturing, R&D, lab, and high bay design.  At any given time we are planning for and managing 7-10 industrial projects for developers and corporate owners.

We have been responsible for Centerpark, Interpark 70, Roth Distributing, Johnson Storage and Moving, Miller Brands, Gordon Composites, Ready Foods, Concord Business Park, Sport Obermeyer, Eastpark 70, Serta, National Distributing, and I-225 Business Center to name a few.

Our Strategy

To the casual observer industrial buildings are perceived as “simple boxes,” however, sophisticated investors recognize there are significant differences between successful industrial developments and un-successful ones.  Our strategy is focused on process details that improve your business profitability through increased efficiency, building flexibility and long-term goal planning to ensure the longevity of your investment, and a streamlined, simple delivery that gives you the speed to market your industry demands.  

Your Priorities

  • Speed to market and fast track schedules

  • Customized, cost effective, and industry specific solutions

  • Optimal site efficiency

  • Analysis of functional requirements for employees and operational performance

  • Long-term planning, flexibility, and overall investment exit strategy

  • Quality assurance for minimized risk

  • Industry specific considerations for dock configuration, column spacing, hazardous materials, and building depth

  • Space plans that improve worker efficiency

  • Tenant improvements and accommodations

Crown Lift Trucks

Crown Lift Trucks

Gordon Holdings

Gordon Holdings

UE Compression

UE Compression

G.A. Wright

G.A. Wright


Project Name


Building Type





      Audi/Volkswagen            Automotive Testing Facility            27,900            Golden, CO     
      CDOT            Vehicle Maintenance Facility            8,000            Thornton, CO     
      Centerpark            Office and Warehouse Facility            539,000            Denver, CO     
      Concepts Direct            Office, Manufacturing and Distribution            120,000            Longmont, CO     
      Crown Lift Trucks            Office, Distribution            20,000            Aurora, CO     
      Eagle Automotive            Office, Distribution           75,000            Arapahoe County, CO     
      EastPark 70            110 Acre Master Planned Development            4,791,600            Aurora, CO     
      FCC Office Warehouse            Office, Warehouse            35,000            Arapahoe County, CO     
      Fraser Street            Distribution, Warehouse            121,000            Denver, CO     
      Gerry Baby Products            Office, Manufacturing and Distribution            400,000            Thornton, CO     
      I-225 Business Center            Office, Distribution            278,000            Aurora, CO     
      Imprints Wholesale            Warehouse Showroom            100,000            Denver, CO     
      Interpark 70            Office Distribution            760,000            Denver, CO     
      Interstate I Business Center            Office, Distribution            38,000            Denver, CO     
      Interstate II Business Center Building A            Office, Warehouse            51,000            Denver, CO     
      Interstate II Business Center Building B            Office, Warehouse            44,000            Denver, CO     
      Johnson Storage and Moving            Office, Warehouse            71,000            Centennial, CO     
      Kraft Westman            Office, Warehouse            242,000            Eaglewood, CO     
      Legacy Stapleton Business Center            Office, Distribution            150,000            Denver, CO     
      Leprino Foods            Office, Manufacturing            44,821            Greeley, CO     
      Miller Brands            Office, Distribution            130,000            Denver, CO     
      National Distributing Company            Office, Distribution            287,000            Littleton, CO     
      Revere Distribution Center            Office, Distribution            60,000            Arapahoe County, CO     
      Roth Distributing            Showroom, Office, Distribution            42,000            Aurora, CO     
      Santa Fe Business Center            5 Offie Flex Building            93,000            Englewood, CO     
      Soundtrack            Retail, Office, Distribution            300,000            Thornton, CO     
      Sport Obermeyer            Office, Distribution            100,000            Denver, CO     
      TSN            Office, Distribution            90,000            Frederick, CO     
      Westpark            Office Distribution            60,000            Jefferson County, CO     
      Ready Foods            Food Production Facility            80,400            Denver, CO     
      CDOT            Vehicle Maintenance Facility            8,000            Denver, CO     
      AMPEX            Assembly, Testing, and Manufacturing            77,000            Colorado Springs, CO     
      Cintas            Commercial Laundry            40,000            Denver, CO     
      Coherent Technologies            Office, R&D, and Manufacturing            40,000            Louisville, CO     
      Dovatron International            Office and Electronics Manufacturing            70,000            Longmont, CO     
      Encompass Technologies            Office, Manufacturing            48,000            Littleton, CO     
      Gordon Holdings, Inc.            Office, Manufacturing            115,000            Douglas County, CO     
      High Tek Tube            R&D            35,000            Jefferson County, CO     
      Mastercraft Cabinets            Office, Manufacturing            160,000            Aurora, CO     
      MicroMotion            Office, Manufacturing            94,000            Boulder, CO     
      Serta Mattress Company            Office, Manufacturing, Distribution            75,000            Aurora, CO     
      ConMed            Biomedical Manufacturing Addition            20,000            Centennial, CO     
      Schlumberger            Manufacturing Remodel            137,790            Commerce City, CO     
      UE Compression            Office, Manufacturing            75,000            Commerce City, CO     
      Honda Motor Company            High Altitude Emission Lab            18,000            Denver, CO     
      General Motors            High Altitude            10,000            Denver, CO     
      Denver Auto Auction            Maintenance and Reconditioning Facility            15,000            Aurora, CO     
      Tampa Auto Auction            Maintenance and Reconditioning Facility            12,000            Tampa, FL     
      UDI's            Food Processing            6,000            Denver, CO     
      Home Foods            Meats & Food Storage            26,000            Denver, CO     
      Save-A-Lot            Meat Processing            35,000            Denver, CO     
      Huron Produce            Food Prep & Distribution            50,000            Frederick, CO     
      Empire Park            Lobby Remodel            1,430            Denver, CO     
      Greenwood Plaza            Lobby Remodel            2,000            Greenwood Village, CO     
      James Miller and Associates            Corporate Offices            1,400            Lone Tree, CO     
      Jones Lightwave            Corporate Offices            3,000            Denver, CO     
      2nd and Josephine            Office Renovation            43,000            Denver, CO     
      KRG Capital            Office Renovation            6,000            Denver, CO     
      Larimer Plaza            8 Story Office Building Renovation            110,000            Denver, CO     
      Leonard Rice Engineers            Interior & Exterior Remodel            24,000            Denver, CO     
      1660 Lincoln            Lobby Remodel            2,300            Denver, CO     
      Lowe Enterprises            Office Remodel            8,100            Denver, CO     
      Meagher Energy Advisors            Office Remodel            12,000            Greenwood Village, CO     
      MWD Energy            Corporate Offices            6,200            Jefferson County, CO     
      Pinnacle Architectural Lighting            Interior Remodel            93,000            Denver, CO     
      Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors            Interior Remodel            7,829            Denver, CO     
      Public Service Company            Medical and Employment Offices            20,000            Denver, CO