Healthcare Experience

We have designed ground up medical office buildings, multi building campuses, and interiors for more than 100 physician practices and dental practices since 1974. In the past 10 years Intergroup has completed over 80 small and medium projects in healthcare delivery systems working with hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation, emergency, urgent care, medical labs, imaging centers, weight loss centers, and long-term care services. Our team members specialize in architectural roles providing their expertise for each phase of design. Specialists have assisted providers such as Healthcare Realty Trust, Memorial Hospital / University of Colorado Health, and Denver Health & Hospital Authority.

Our Strategy

Due to trends such as health reform, emphasis on wellness, changes in healthcare payment, an aging population, growth of technology, increased consumer involvement, and the cost of brick and mortar facilities regular facility investments have become a critical factor in healthcare. Our strategy in new and remodeled facilities is to maximize dollar investment by developing flexible plans that work for a variety of users while investing the majority of the budget in high-impact areas such as entries, common areas, and building systems.

Your Priorities

  • Design spaces that contribute to a healing environment

  • Provide evidence based design for facility growth and clear patient pathways

  • Understand stakeholders/staff needs, aspirations, and goals

  • Work with hospital personnel to establish infection control mitigation

  • Address evolving medical equipment space needs

  • Refine the look and feel affecting your perceived quality of care

  • Assist healthcare providers with compliance for life safety codes

  • Mitigate specific risks like radiation exposure

  • Implement sustainability designs to reduce overhead

  • Evaluate facility dangers to minimize hospital risks

  • Assess patient flow to reduce patient waiting times

  • Improve the ability for caregivers to meet patient needs quickly

  • Assure contractors are informed of ICRA for dust control, negative pressure, and barriers to reduce the possibility of infection spreading during construction
Medical Pavilion at Briargate

Medical Pavilion
at Briargate

Summit Family Orthodontics

Summit Family Orthodontics


Project Name


Building Type





      Associates of Otolaryngology            Medical Offices            4,300            Highlands Ranch, CO     
      Dr. Kevin Therous, DDS, MS            Orthodontics Offices            4,200            Lone Tree, CO     
      Dr. Millard            Cosmetic Surgery            3,500            Highlands Ranch, CO     
      Dr. Nancy Grant DDS            Pediatric Dental Office            2,500            Lone Tree, CO     
      Dental Health            Dental Clinic            6,200            Denver, CO     
      Denver Health VA Cares            Detox Center            2,500            Denver, CO     
      Denver Medical Imaging Center            Medical Office            4,800            Denver, CO     
      Dr. Kevin Therous, DDS, MS            Orthodontics Offices            4,200            Lone Tree, CO     
      DHHA Nursing Administration and Volunteers            Medical Office            3,100            Denver, CO     
      I-Care Vision            Optometrist Office            6,300            Mountain View, CO     
      InnovAge at Broadway            Senior Day Care Center            36,561            Denver, CO     
      InnovAge at Thornton            Senior Day Care Center            37,500            Thornton, CO     
      Littleton Adventist Clinic            Medical Clinic            3,920            Jefferson County, CO     
      Littleton Surgery Center            Surgery Center            15,000            Littleton, CO     
      Lone Tree Cosmetics            Cosmetic Surgery            2,000            Highlands Ranch, CO     
      Lone Tree Dental Associates            Dental Office            2,200            Lone Tree, CO     
      Lone Tree Medical            Medical Office Building            72,000            Lone Tree, CO     
      Memorial Hospital Surgery and Trauma Unit            Medical Renovation            14,000            Colorado Springs, CO     
      Memorial Hospital Data Center            Data Center            847            Colorado Springs, CO     
      Memorial Hospital EEG Sleep Lab            EEG SLeep Lab Renovation            933            Colorado Springs, CO     
      Memorial Hospital G.I. Procedure Room            G.I. Procedure Room Renovation            482            Colorado Springs, CO     
      Memorial Hospital North Nuclear Medicine            Nuclear Medicine Room            536            Colorado Springs, CO     
      Memorial Hospital Cancer Center            PET/CT Scan Room Renovation            731            Colorado Springs, CO     
      Memorial Hospital Administrative Center            Café            2,500            Colorado Springs, CO     
      Memorial Hospital            central Vending and Waiting Area            600            Colorado Springs, CO     
      Memorial Hospital            Urgent Care            10,600            Colorado Springs, CO     
      Red Rocks Center for Rehabilitation            Physical Medicine            4,400            Golden, CO     
      InnovAge- Pueblo            Senior Day Care Center            20,000            Pueblo, CO     
      Lakewood Oral Surgery            Dental Offices            6,000            Lakewood, CO     
      Dr. John Brockman, DDS            Dental Offices            2,000            Lone Tree, CO     
      Dr. Farbod, DDS            Dental Offices            2,500            Aurora, CO     
      Dr. Goral DDS            Dental Offices            2,500            Littleton, CO     
      Dr. Scott Whittney, DDS            Endodontist Offices            2,500            Lone Tree, CO     
      Dr. John Ahern, DDS            Dental Offices            2,200            Lone Tree, CO     
      Dr. Resnick, DDS            Dental Offices            1,500            Jefferson County, CO     
      Dr. Angela Osborn, DDS            Dental Offices            2,000            Lone Tree, CO     
      Denver Health and Hospitals            Managed Care            1,600            Denver, CO     
      Denver Health and Hospitals            Davis Building Surgery Clinic Remodel            8,000            Lone Tree, CO     
      Dr. John Brockman, DDS            Dental Offices            2,000            Denver, CO     
      Denver Health and Hospitals            Infusion Pharmacy Lab            300            Denver, CO     
      Denver Health and Hospitals            Infectious Disease Outpatient Clinic            12,500            Denver, CO     
      Denver Health and Hospitals            STD Outpatient Care            3,500            Denver, CO     
      Denver Health and Hospitals            TB Outpatient Clinic            4,500            Denver, CO     
      Denver Health and Hospitals            East Side Health Center Pharmacy            2,000            Denver, CO     
      Denver Health and Hospitals            Admissions and Registration            3,500            Denver, CO     
      Denver Health and Hospitals            La Casa Clinic and Pharmacy            480            Denver, CO     
      University Hospital            Chronic Dialysis Unit            3,100            Denver, CO     
      Corneal Consultants of Colorado            Eye Surgery Center            15,000            Littleton, CO